Friday, February 27, 2009

Springs a blooming!

No matter what the San Francisco weather tells us, Spring in Fashion is about to bloom! It seems like we are getting a much deserved break today from our shower storms, and just in time to find a perfect Spring dress for the occassion you've been putting off!

Spring dresses are so happy and full of life! Whether it be with the vibrant colors, playful prints, or the flirty silhouettes! Spring dresses make you want to go have high tea in a field of tulips! We have the perfect dresses for just that!... And many other occasions too, of course!

Tracy Reese is a perfectionist when it comes to dresses. She knows just how to fit many different body shapes. This gorgeous jade frock that d
rapes just right on the hips is a prime example. The dress has almost a bohemian type of feel with the detail on the neck line, and bounces with every step you take!

She also gave us this amazing peplum strapless dress in beet stain. This was all the rage on her runway show and proves be to just as spectacular in person!

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