Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Nashelle Jewelry!!!

These new pieces from Nashelle are just perfect for pairing with Spring/Summer time outfits! And with her amazing price point, it won't break the bank either! With stones ranging from blue topaz, aquamarine, moonstone, citrine, chrysophrase, amethyst, turquoise and many more, you are guaranteed to find one that compliments your outfit just right! Pictured here is her mixed green stone necklace ($276), and chrysophrase circle earring ($101). Her citrine circle necklace ($182), 3 stone ring ($147) and the moonstone and tigers eye oval earring ($136). Also shown here are her wood pieces: wood circle earring with smoky quartz stones ($113), wood circle earring with carnellian tear drop stone ($113), tri color earring with tigers eye/blue topaz/citrine earring ($124), carnellian stone ring ($101), and the smoky quartz ring size 7 ($159). Enjoy!

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