Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pretty in Punk!

Or...As much punk as Rebecca Taylor can handle! That was pretty much the theme of this order we just received. Miss Taylor's designs are so effortless! I love that she can create items that are simultaneously girlie and edgy! As shown here in the black lace tie waist blouse! I am dying over it! I have already sold one right out of the box! And ladies, it is GORGEOUS on the body! The way the lace hits your skin tone, just beautiful!!! And the poet sleeve cream ruffle blouse is equally stunning! Tuck it in, or leave it flowing out, you cannot go wrong with this one! The fringed spaghetti strap amethyst dress in stunning! The color will look amazing on just about everyone! And this next piece, I guarantee you will be sold out in a matter of days! It's the ruffle back heather grey cheetah sweater. I mean...COME ON NOW!! Enjoy!!

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