Friday, October 30, 2009

Palm Beach Fun!!

When I think of Palm Beach, I think to myself... what do I have from Tibi that I can wear there?? Well, if any of you are heading to Florida some time soon, then we have the best pieces for you to bring!! ;) The turquoise criss cross chiffon dress is a DREAM!!! I mean, can the color be any more fantastic??? I think not! And the black and multi garden print cami is so much fun! Shown here with skinny black leggings, its the perfect pop of print and color! The ivory draped tank is gorgeous! What a great take on a classic shell! And how amazing is the coral print criss cross chiffon dress??! I mean, this dress makes me want to go order a margharita and dance all night on the beach! Anyone want to join?? Enjoy!!

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