Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day in the Garden!

...Wearing Tibi of course! I love that Tibi has always maintained a classic feminine look! She's always playful with her prints, but yet she makes them more sophisticated with the retro styles she creates! This new order we got in is just that! The pleated strapless dress in navy floral silk is stunning! The silk is muted enough that you can wear this dress to a garden lunch reception, or put some fabulous metallic heels with it and wear it to an evening cocktail soiree! And the ivory draped sleeve blouse is a perfect match for...well, pretty much anything! Wear it under a suit, with denim, or any great trouser or skirt. This is a top that you will get a TON of use out of! Enjoy!!!

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  1. Sar,
    I can't wait to come in and see your new things even though I always find something left behind to wear for our Indian Summer.

    See you tomorrow,



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