Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a Stud!!!

Who doesn't love handbags???!! I mean, they can either make or break an outift. And these new Rebecca Minkoff bags definitely MAKE the outfit! From the leather, to the chain straps, to the studs, Miss Minkoff knows how to bring a handbag to life!!! I have to say, I have been biting my nails waiting for this order to arrive! They are so rocker chic! Speaking of... here is the Rocker in brown leather with gold studs. This bag can be worn with the shoulder strap, or take it off and use it as a clutch! Perfect punch of gold to any outfit! Or you can go the smaller route with the Crush in brown with gold studs and gold chain strap! One of my personal favs, as its perfect for a night out on the town when all you need is your keys, phone, and cc's for all the damage you're going to get yourself into because you look so hot with this bag on! Haha. The Morning After Mini in brown suede is a beauty!!! And so soft to the touch! The Nikki and Mini Nikki in brown leather are great staple handbags! Whether you like your bag a bit bigger to carry your life around in, or smaller for the more organized ladies(I am not one of you), either of these sizes will work for you! The Stud Nikki bag in black is gorgeous!!! I love the row of studs on the bottom of it! When you have it hanging on your shoulder, its that extra detail that will make you fall in love with this handbag! And lastly, the Clutch in black with gold chain strap is beautiful! I love the fringe accessories and that she did the fabric on the zipper in cobalt blue!!! So much fun! Enjoy!!!

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